Humans, Pixelized

You’re pixels, I’m friend. I’m pixels, you’re friends.

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Meanwhile, in IsPal

100 years from now, all new people.

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I’m Shir. I was a history, sociology and anthropology undergrad student in HUJI. I’m now an MLIS student at Haifa¬†University, where I’m practicing my cunning plan towards PhD in political anthropology of information architecture. I’m also metadata librarian, Buffista, play the role of a geek online and IRL, and a fangirl of many, vary, fuzzy things.

I’m impatient and passionate about data, epistemology,¬†live music, knowledge and culture, mostly with regarding to the relations between ethics and aesthetics and the relationships between the natural and social sciences. I also found that Academia and I sometime don’t speak the same language, and needed a place to store and sort out some very raw drafts of ideas until something better will come along.

You may ask for the password of protected posts; I don’t guaranty you’ll always get it.

If you catch a typo/mistake, please let me know. Other than that, welcome to the backyard of my mind.

How to contact me: leave a comment with a valid email, and I’ll get back to you later. Really.

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