A Whole New World

We can do better. Let’s start now.

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Statues and Titles and Bears, Oh My

Do not adjust your screens: it is, indeed, a new blog post in a mostly dead blog. Hiya! And, er, let’s talk about history, shall we?

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Hi, I’m Shir. This blog started back when I was a history, sociology and anthropology undergrad student. Then I was an MLIS candidate, and now I’m back in grad school, writing somewhat-filtered thoughts. (I’m also many other things that are less relevant in this context.)

I thrive in data, epistemology, knowledge and culture. I also found that Academia and I sometime don’t speak the same language, and needed a place to store and sort out some drafts of ideas until something better will come along.

You may ask for the password of protected posts; I don’t guaranty you’ll always get it.
Some posts that were once live on this blog are now hidden, so you’re not imagining if you can no longer find content that was once there. A lot that was written a decade ago was written in a different internet, through different perspective.

If you catch a typo/mistake, please let me know. Other than that, welcome to the backyard of my mind.

How to contact me: askme[@]fea.st (it might take me a few days to answer).

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