A Whole New World

How have you been, my lovely 11 readers? Times are terrible to most of us. I feel it too. There is grief for a world and opportunities that we have lost. There are lives that we worked hard to get that now seem like a fading dream that we need to abandon or to adjust. And there are people who are sick, without jobs, or that have died.

And while we are watching some of our reality fading away in helplessness, we can also work together with the little energy that we do have to build the new world that we are about to live in. As a humanity, that’s what we have always done. That is what we do (trust me, I’m am an archivist who is processing Jewish collections from the 20th century).

So here I am asking: how can I help you – us – to build an infrastructure/community/society that makes the world a better place for all of us? I’m great with building and maintaining communities in which people with different opinions can actually converse with one another (it’s called “placing a comment policy and clear guidelines”), planning and wrangling data and metadata and design their lifecycles, advocating for the humanities and maintenance work, herding cats commanding volunteers, and, in general, matchmaking people and the information they need in order to navigate in this world.

I do not have a lot of time, but we all got to start somewhere to build our future world and future lives. So here I invite you to connect: let me know what are you working on and how may I help at askme[@]fea.st (I will answer your email as soon as I can. Sometimes it takes a few days).

The future is not just something that is imposed upon us. It is also something that we can – and now, we must – imagine and built together.

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