Things I Cannot Say as a Leftist, but I Can Say as a Feminist

Few facts that I cannot tell almost anyone without being attacked:

1. Arab and Palestinian women who are trying to flee from their families in fear from being murdered over “honour killing” are turned over back to them by Israeli police and/or authorities.

2. Arab and Palestinian women have almost no protection or access to Israeli security forces as a mean of protection, even when they’re Israeli citizens.

3. Students in the French Hill neighborhood, Jerusalem who are calling to report rape attempts/reoccurring sexual harassment by East Jerusalem and Al-Issawiya youngsters are being told “sorry, we know that, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We’ve tried to talk with the elders of the village, and we’re scared to go there. Try not to walk outside alone (or at all).”

4. Jewish women who are trying to fulfill their exit right from marriage to a Palestinian get zero help from the Israeli authorities on that issue. Hence the recent racist “concern” on that from right wingers.

Tell me I’m not the only one who sees the common thread here. The only one who sees the connection, and the failing of “right” or “left” politics and the police to help women. The only leftist who doesn’t blame anyone, just wants to make sure that women of all backgrounds will get their exit right to live their lives, before that specific failure will keep rolling on, dangerously to women and men of all sides.

This post isn’t about racism. It’s not about “all of the Arabs are bad and ignorant”. It’s not a cry to do anything which isn’t a legal and a democratic action. It’s about the failing of any political agenda to protect women. And maybe, just a little bit, it’s about my fear of telling these things to most liberal-leftists. Because if you’re a woman, and doesn’t matter of which side, you’re already suspected.

Maybe it’s a good thing that my fear of living while being a woman have transcended my fear of not sounding liberal-leftist enough for “my” political camp. I don’t know which is worse: the ignorance and the silence that the liberal-left forces over liberal-leftist women, or the racism that the right forces when coming to “handle” that issue. None of these approaches answers the basic right of women to live as women, safe and honoured, where they choose to live. But I know they, we, and the human kind deserves better lives than that.

The lack of security and safety to women and LGTBQ, 63% of the population, will be the thing that will destroy the “regular” politics. It’s not about special protection. It’s not about race. It’s not about religion. It’s about human rights.

(Further reading: Hasan, Manar , “The Politics of Honor: Patriarchy, the State & the Murder”)


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