This is My Reality, Show Me Your War

Dear whoever-reads-this-blog,


As part of my ongoing research on photography in the public sphere and how we react to it and interpret it, I have an opportunity – and a requirement of one of my classes, as a matter of fact – to indulge myself in a minor field work. I chose the topic of how victory and defeat (or, if I’ll have to be flexible: poverty, suffering, any exalted-human-concepts) are being transmitted in newspapers and how they influences on the way we see, understand and interpret a story.

I’m looking for photographers in Israel (doesn’t matter where they are from originally, or what is their agency). Preferably, ones who shot and coined known photographs. So if you know anyone like this that will agree to answer few questions about her/his work, it would be bloody brilliant for me and my thesis and my class and the humanity. You get the picture.

New! I’m also looking for daily newspapers, newspapers editors and art directors who might be willing to take a part in a minor field work in Israel. We’re talking about a day or two of participant-observation, and possibly interviews later on. Basically, I just need to see this business in action. And you’ll help making science!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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